Who We Are

Chartered on April 24, 1926, the Nashville Alumni Chapter (NAC) is a leading force in the South Central Province. Having been the home of  several grand board members, provincial, chapter and community leaders, NAC is a premier chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

To learn more about those who have come through the ranks of our esteemed chapter, visit our Chapter Lineage page.

Even in the beginning, NAC was regarded as a location for leaders within the community and the Fraternity.  In 1926, Dr. H.H. Walker became the chapter’s first Polemarch. A pioneer in the medical community, he would later become President of the National Medical Association – fifteen years after Dr. John Henry Hale and four years before Dr. Matthew Walker. In 1933, Dr. H. H. Walker was appointed Southern Province Polemarch and subsequently was elected to the Grand Board of Directors in 1945. The highest honor of the Fraternity, the Laurel Wreath, was bestowed upon Brother Walker in 1949.

In addition to this phenomenal start, NAC has many Men of Stature, some of whom have transitioned over to Chapter Invisible. Current members have varied backgrounds, levels of leadership within the community, religious and professional capacities. We are honored to have you learn more about our history, present and future as a premier chapter.